Hurricanes, Floods and Power Outages, Oh My!


Oh, Sandy! If only you could be as kind and gentle as your Grease counterpart. But no, it seems you are a nasty, relentless beyotch hellbent on wreaking havoc on us poor, unsuspecting East Coasters! Sigh… Continue reading

It’s Personal: 8-2-12

Hey there Dolls!

I realize I have not put up any new content since Saturday but it has been a busy week here for me in NYC. Today, I am taking a much needed mini-vaca and am heading out of town for the first time all summer! Woo Hoo!

Don’t fret Darlings, next week I will be back in action with lots of new posts and fun little ditties for y’all to enjoy 😉 



Enter To Win My Girl Bunny Moreno’s Giveaway!

Bunny Moreno is a super swell gal with a vintage blog all her own called The Musings And Adventures of a Pinup Mama. She is celebrating her one year blog-a-versary with an awesome give away! Check out the contest and her blog by clicking here 😉


A Fresh Cut, A Fresh Start

Okay, I know I said I would be cutting my hair in a few weeks, but I just couldn’t wait! Last Saturday it was 100 degrees here in NYC and I thought to myself “how much cooler would I be right now if I didn’t feel like there was a cat sitting on top of my head?!”. The sheer weight of my hair was giving me a headache and I was in desperate need of relief! So, I called my best friend and after straightening my mane, we put it into 4 ponytails for donation and cut them off together at her place! It was quite an ordeal as far as preparation, but as soon as I felt the scissor going through my hair, I felt elated! Continue reading

Girl About Town: The Lovely Aurora

I have been wanting to do a regular post about women on the streets of NYC for a while now. Every time I saw an outfit or a hairstyle that I wanted to photograph, I didn’t have my camera with me! Luckily, earlier this week I spotted the lovely Aurora while shopping on Clinton Street and I just happened to have my Nikon handy!  Continue reading

Fashion Attack Vintage is Blowing Up!

Hip Hip Hooray!

After switching over to WordPress a little over 6 weeks ago, I have reached 5,000 views on the blog today! Super exciting!

Thanks so much to all of my readers for the love and support. It really means a lot to me!

You dolls keep reading and I promise, I’ll keep writing!

Can’t wait to see what the future holds for my little blog 😉