The Puerto Rican Day Parade, Vintage Style!

(Me at 18, relaxing on the beach in Cabo Rojo, P.R.)

When I was younger, I used to go to the Puerto Rican Day Parade almost every year. It was always so much fun to watch all of the different floats go by and to hear musicians play live Salsa and Merengue, dancing up a storm with my friends!

I sincerely love Puerto Rico with all my heart. It is a magical place of beauty, enchantment and wonder! From the first time I went to visit family at the young age of 9, I knew that it was truly special. I’ve gone 4 more times since then and it has always felt amazing to be there.(My brother and I in Arroyo, P.R. circa 1990)

My dear Grandfather Miguel came to NYC from Las Piedras, Puerto Rico when he was only 18 years old. He had no money and knew no one. He worked hard to learn the language, find a job and make a real life for himself and his family in this country.  He managed to build his own business and today my father continues to run it. He was a brave and proud man who never forgot where he came from and from an early age, he instilled within me a love for salsa and the fair isle of Puerto Rico! 

(Me in 2005 at the Raíces Fountain in Old San Juan)

The Puerto Rican Day Parade originated in 1958, replacing the Hispanic Day Parade that had preceded it.  I managed to find some great vintage photos of the parade from the 1960’s and thought I would share them with y’all in honor of one of my many homelands! Viva Puerto Rico!

The Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce Float

A young girl attending the parade in 1963

Lovely Puerto Rican women cruising down 5th Ave in 1960

Parade Float from 1968

The Puerto Rican Merchants Association


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