A Fresh Cut, A Fresh Start

Okay, I know I said I would be cutting my hair in a few weeks, but I just couldn’t wait! Last Saturday it was 100 degrees here in NYC and I thought to myself “how much cooler would I be right now if I didn’t feel like there was a cat sitting on top of my head?!”. The sheer weight of my hair was giving me a headache and I was in desperate need of relief! So, I called my best friend and after straightening my mane, we put it into 4 ponytails for donation and cut them off together at her place! It was quite an ordeal as far as preparation, but as soon as I felt the scissor going through my hair, I felt elated!

A lot of people asked me if they thought I would cry or if I was afraid to lose that much length. Honestly, I have never felt better. The whole experience was very cathartic and freeing. In the end, I really feel like myself. It’s a wonderful feeling to let go of something that had literally weighed me down for so long. While I am very glad that I managed to give 15 inches of my hair to sick children in need I am equally pleased to have found my true self underneath it all.

Check out my hair-raising adventure below 🙂 

When donating your hair, it is better to make 4 individual ponytails as opposed to gathering all of your hair into one as the wig maker can get the most length from your strands when it is separated.  We measured each pony at 15 inches before making the cuts! 

Cheesing it up before the big chop! lol

Here they are in all of their glory! After photographing, these babies were placed in a large ziplock bag and then placed into a padded envelope for shipment.

So happy to donate them to such a noble cause 🙂 

Oh, and this had to happen before I packaged the tails! LOL!!!

Silvia and Kevin having a grand old time with their Sara brand hair extensions! 😉

After cutting the bulk of the length off ourselves, it was time to put myself into the hands of a professional! Off I went to my favorite local salon, Altagracia Unisex to see my girl Arsenia Barias!

A sampling of the salon’s decor! 

Marilyn Everywhere!

Can you see why I love this place? Arsenia adores old Hollywood just as much as I do and it shows!

Arsenia and I after the haircut. She is such a sweetheart! She and her mother own the salon and they are quite a dynamic duo.

I was originally leaning towards more of an Elizabeth Taylor look but decided to go with Italian bombshell Sophia Loren. I needed it to be long enough to pull off of my neck in the summer heat, and Sophia’s shoulder length waves were just the ticket. We also appeared to have the same thick/curly hair type so I knew this style would work with my natural texture (particularly as a wash & go gal!).

Here it is! My new ‘do! 

After 2 1/2 long years, it feels amazing to have a real style and a foot and a half less hair! 

Special thanks to Silvia, Kevin, Tali and Arsenia for making this happen! 

Look out world, here I come!

Got some extra hair to spare?

Consider donating to one of these charities! 

Locks of Love (You will need a minimum of 10 inches)

Wigs For Kids (You will need a minimum of 12 inches)

Pantene Beautiful Lengths (You will need a minimum of 8 inches)


6 thoughts on “A Fresh Cut, A Fresh Start

  1. Omg I love this post! I know how you feel. In 2007 my hair was even longer than yours and right before baby #1 came into the world I had it cut and it felt amazeballs! And seriously we need to talk about your hairdresser bc I need one badly. The one I go to cut my hair in a supposed…ugh anyway I will email you what happened LOL Love how you look-very classic!! xox

    • Thank you Bunny! Yeah, long hair can be very pretty, but it really is a pain in the $%&! I feel like this look suits me and my personality better than the 3 feet of hair running down my back! I will totally take you over to my girl Arsenia! She is so great and its right here in the L.E.S.! The best part is, the cut alone cost me only $15.00!!! And if you want a shampoo and a blow out with your cut it’s $30.00! I will email you her number 😉

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