L’Ensemble Du Jour: Betsey in Black

Last week I was looking through my closet and found this little black Betsey  Johnson dress. I bought it at a thrift shop a few weeks back and decided that today was the day to bring her out into the world. Sometimes, you’ll have a fancy dress laying around collecting dust for years waiting for the proper occasion to be debuted. In true Betsey fashion, I decided to wear this dress and hat just because! Some days you just want to feel pretty, and what better way to get there than by wearing a full skirted lace dress with an elegant feathered hat!  I met a lot of wonderful people that day while walking around the city, but had I opted to wear something less extravagant, I may not have had the opportunity.

Black Lace Dress: Betsey Johnson (Thrifted 24.00!)

Birdcage Veil & Feathered Hat: Vintage

Victorian Camphor Glass and Sterling Filigree Necklace: Antique

Patent Leather Sandals: Clarks

This dress has a wonderful sweep to it. Adore the fullness of the skirt!

I love how the lace continues onto the back of the dress, so pretty!

Somehow my faux tattoo from the M.A.C. Hello Sailor event was still hanging on (Despite multiple showers, lol!)


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