Delancey Dame Vintage Giveaway!

I recently got 200 likes on Facebook (thanks, y’all!), and to celebrate the momentous occasion I am hosting my very first official giveaway! 

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41st Annual East Village Block Fair

Every September, the East Village has these little block fairs on Saturdays and they are chock full of vintage treasures! It’s like a mini block long flea market right in the middle of Manhattan. It was an absolutely gorgeous weather day with a cool breeze, lots of warm sunshine and merchandise that was ripe for the picking! I got some good deals, met some great people and had a fantastic time! Continue reading

L’Ensemble Du Jour: Betsey in Black

Last week I was looking through my closet and found this little black Betsey  Johnson dress. I bought it at a thrift shop a few weeks back and decided that today was the day to bring her out into the world. Sometimes, you’ll have a fancy dress laying around collecting dust for years waiting for the proper occasion to be debuted. In true Betsey fashion, I decided to wear this dress and hat just because! Some days you just want to feel pretty, and what better way to get there than by wearing a full skirted lace dress with an elegant feathered hat!  I met a lot of wonderful people that day while walking around the city, but had I opted to wear something less extravagant, I may not have had the opportunity.

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Fleamarket Finds!

Picked up a couple of vintage goodies over the weekend while scouring the local markets.  Check out my mini haul below 😉Vintage 1950’s rhinestone dog brooch $3.00. I love figural brooches, especially animals. I saw his little green eyes and knew I had to adopt him!

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My Grandmother Libby: The Original Pin Up!


There’s a picture on the wall in my parents house that has been there for as long as I can remember. A beautiful young brunette with her hair done just so, adorned with a perfectly blossomed rose in the center, sprawled out on a grassy knoll with a “come hither” stare. That woman always had me fascinated as a child;  she was so poised and elegant yet she exuded sex appeal. Voluptuous and womanly with a face that could stop traffic, she was often mistaken for Dorothy L’Amour! Continue reading

Vintage Screen Sirens For Lustre-Creme Shampoo


You’d be hard pressed these days to find an advertisement, commercial or a magazine cover with a model in it. Celebrities are promoting darn near everything today, especially cosmetics and hair products! Scarlet Johansson for Dolce & Gabbana, Emma Stone for Revlon and Jennifer Lopez for Loreal (and then some! Seriously, when does the woman SLEEP?) are just a few that come to mind.

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