L’ Ensemble Du Jour: Hawaiian Punch

I finally stopped back into “A Little Wicked” yesterday to visit my girl Sammy D and give her a little vintage love. I bought her a crystal necklace from a fleamarket a month ago and had been carrying it around in my purse ever since! I decided that our paths needed to cross and we had a ball at the shop. It was hot and humid out, so I needed to whip up something cool and refreshing from my closet. I purchased this vintage playsuit/romper over the winter. I love the vibrant floral print and the cut of the fabric makes the most of my shape. A great find at $12.00 (Thrifted). I decided to keep my jewelry low key and put in tiny studs and my vintage sterling puffy heart necklace. I also wore a vintage corsage blossom in my hair and clipped it all up on top of my head. It is too gosh darn humid to let her loose! The vintage orange leather heels were from the shop and was a last-minute replacement for my patent leather Birkenstock sandals. Lastly, the hand-painted parasol was purchased in Chinatown for around $5.00. I am a huge fan of parasols in the summer months as they provide shade for my fair skin while looking glamorous at the same time. This was a fun outfit, can’t wait to wear it again 😉The illustrious Sammy D of SammyDavisVintage.com and I. How cool is her skirt?! It’s literally made out of newspaper comics from the early 1990’s. Leave it to Sammy to find such awesome vintage treasures 🙂Back to flats! lolStriking a pose!Close-up of the comic skirt. I see Garfield!Had to snap a photo in front of this mural on Houston St.Sammy gave me a copy of this fabulous book titled “The Vintage Fashion Sourcebook” . I am so excited to read this! Sammy, you are such a wonderful friend, thanks for sharing the vintage love  ❤  I think I know where I’ll start… 😉


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