Paradise Found: The Manhattan Vintage Show!

Last Friday, I attended the Manhattan Vintage Show and I still feel like I am walking on cloud nine! It was my first time seeing it and from the minute I stepped inside, I felt as though I were home. I walked through what felt like endless rows of some of the finest treasures I’ve ever encountered with a sense of wonder and amazement. For me, it was like that first moment when Willy Wonka opened the doors to the chocolate room, lol! It was honestly a bit overwhelming. I didn’t know where to look first and my heart was pounding a mile a minute while my brain tried to process what I was seeing! It’s hard to put into words what it was like to visit such a place, I think it is something every true vintage lover should experience firsthand.

While there was certainly no shortage of merchandise, the prices were quite astronomical. I wasn’t really expecting to find anything to purchase, I simply looked at it as a museum. It was more of an opportunity to learn and appreciate rather than to buy. It was also a museum like experience in that most dealers did not allow photographs (Yes, I found out the hard way when I got yelled at by a particularly uptight dealer!). Thankfully, I did manage to come across some more friendly folks who were delighted to have their items captured on film, and it’s a good thing I did otherwise this wouldn’t be much of a post! 😉

Here is my ensemble du jour! I wore my vintage autumnal print circle skirt (thrifted), a Banana Republic knit blouse and vintage leather saddle shoes I picked up for ten bucks at the East Village Block Fair last month. I wanted to wear something fun and festive while keeping it comfortable for a long day of perusal and discovery! 

In the lobby there was a very cool mini exhibit entitled “London Swing: Carnaby Street to Kings Road: 1964-1974”. 

Here’s some goodies from Tangerine Boutique! A lovely husband and wife team from Massachusetts who had tons of great pieces!

I was crushing hard on this plush silver fox fur stole! I look drunk on vintage, lol!

How gorgeous is this rhinestone brooch?

Over at Duchess Art & Antiques, the vintage eyewear was pretty stellar! Check out these crazy 1960’s French frames!


These 1950’s snake shades were the bees knees!

The hats over at Celia Panella Vintage were so beautiful. Each one a tiny slice of vintage heaven!

This little number made exclusively for Saks Fifth Avenue was my fave! Autumn haze mink fur and handmade silk flowers? Oh, yes!

This leopard fur coat at Deco Etc. was to die for! Talk about old Hollywood glamour! Couldn’t you just imagine this baby on Marilyn, Ava or Liz? Meow!

They also had one of the largest selections of vintage handbags!

How adorable are the poodle purses! ?

Having a moment with a veiled topper! 😉

One of my favorite dresses from the show that I was actually allowed to photograph. This one was at the Columbia U Consignment booth. 

How awesome is this union label blouse from Summer Mizera Vintage?! This had Sammy Davis written all over it! If I had $95.00 Sammy, this would be hanging in your closet! 

Great black and white deco style dresses over at Retrostop Vintage & Couture! 

They also had some of the finest costume jewelry at the show! I could not stop staring at all of their Weiss pieces!

My last stop before I left was Kitsch N’ Wear. They had a wonderful array of goodies from fur coats to bakelite brooches. 

Still kicking myself for not buying these rosebud embroidered gloves. They were only $12.00. 

While trying to find my way to the exit, I ran into this lovely woman dressed in head to toe 1940’s vintage. I loved her outfit! 

Did you get a chance to check out the show? If not, no need to fret, there is another one coming up in February 2013 🙂

Special thank you to Amy of Wildfell Hall Vintage for inviting me to be her guest for the day! You are the best!

Until next time, Dolls!


4 thoughts on “Paradise Found: The Manhattan Vintage Show!

  1. This is fabulous. Thanks for sharing your trip to the vintage fair. I wondered what it would be like. I loved looking all the vendor displays. I really love the grecian black dress. How much was that one going for? I bet quite a bit:) I certainly have to see if I can make it up there in February:) Great post!!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I too was feeling a little vintage drunk just from looking at those photos! I would have completely died and gone to heaven if I was there too! It’s the best form of escapism! Cei Xx

  3. That veiled topper looked fab-u-lous on you, what a beautiful photo!

    Thanks for the photos of this event; I am hoping there is one this year & that I did not miss it.

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