It’s Personal 9/27/12: Technical Difficulties?

Okay, I realize I have not posted in a week (for this Dolls, I must apologize!) but I was having some technological sort of drama here on the home front!  

Long story short, the ol’ desktop was outta commission with what I thought was a gnarly virus.  In the end, it turns out my fat orange cat has been sleeping on my keyboard and he managed to make my F1 key stick (and I mean STICK!). If you are familiar with Windows, you know that the F1 key controls the help/support button. This would explain why my “virus” opened 87 help windows that I could not seem to close! Thankfully I finally noticed that the damn key was stuck and now my computer is back in action!

Ah, the life of an untechnological cat lady, LOL!

The moral of this story is don’t let fat orange cats nap out on your keyboard when you’re not looking 😉

Stay tuned for more fun fashionable posts!




3 thoughts on “It’s Personal 9/27/12: Technical Difficulties?

  1. LOL omg what a silly cat! I am so glad you noticed in time! LOL I cant stop giggling-I tell you kids and pets will drive you nuts but life is better with them! Look fwd to your new posts! xox

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