Yvonne De Carlo: Fashionista Fatale!

Before she was our beloved Lilly Munster, Yvonne De Carlo was a serious screen siren in the 1940’s and 1950’s. She had one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood and a style to match. Originally hired by Paramount for her resemblance to Dorothy Lamour, De Carlo quickly proved that she was her own woman and went on to play lead roles in dozens of major motion pictures. 

While she was only paid $35.00 for her first uncredited role in 1941’s “Harvard, Here I Come”, by the time she made “The Ten Commandments”, her salary was $25,000, thus cementing her star status.

Of Sicilian and Scottish descent, her unique looks made her a hot commodity, not to mention a natural in front of a camera. I’ve selected some of my favorite photos of her below to honor what would have been her 90th birthday today. Her beauty and grace are an inspiration…

We love you, Yvonne! Happy Birthday!

Until next time, Dolls!


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