L’Ensemble Du Jour: The Woodstock Generation

43 years ago today, one of the most important events in the history of music took place right here in New York State. Woodstock was THE concert event of the 20th century, and those who were lucky enough to be there for those three magical days on Yasgur’s Farm surely remember it (unless of course they took the brown acid, lol)!

Billed as “An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music”, Woodstock featured some of the most influential musicians of the time, many of whom went on to become the voices of the entire generation. But behind the music was an epic fashion movement that still resonates with designers and stylists to this day. From the hippies, gypsies and flower children came a style synonymous with the late 1960’s, a genre deeply embodied by the bustling rock music scene of the time: Bohemia!

Key elements of this look include long beads, loose cotton dresses, embroidery, crochet, tie dye, bell sleeves, chunky furs, flowers, feathers and fringe! Gone were the days of corsets, stockings, brassieres and constrictive clothing. These ladies were footloose and fancy free with long unstructured hair and minimal makeup.  They were natural, ethereal and wild. What’s more, they paved the way for contemporary styles and freedoms enjoyed by women worldwide to this day. For it wasn’t just their clothes that were revolutionary; their ideas and beliefs were as well. 

Janis Joplin is the ultimate embodiment of Bohemian style. Her clothes were always whimsical and creative. She had a wonderful light about her and a voice that could make a grown man cry. With every note she sang, you could feel her pain and her raw emotions bubbling to the surface like molten lava. My father almost named me Janis after her. He’s always adored her and that love was easily handed down to me after the first time I heard “Summertime” as a child. 

Here’s my Woodstock inspired ensemble! I paired a vintage peasant dress (Thrifted) with some of my grandmother’s turquoise jewelry, long beaded necklaces, a hobo bag (Thrifted) and my mother’s vintage silver earrings. 

If it were up to me, I’d never wear shoes! lol

I love the floral embroidery on this little Mexican peasant dress!

Close up of my Turquoise! Gotta love that colour!

I’ll leave you dolls with three of my all time favorite Woodstock performances. Peace and Love 😉


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