Drugstore Delight of The Month: Maybelline Eye Studio Color Explosion Luminizing Eye Shadow

While digging around in my closet this morning, I found one of my beloved childhood mementos…my “Munsters Brew” tee shirt! This shirt used to belong to my mom circa 1988 and I adopted it at some point when I was in high school. The Munsters was such an awesome show and I used to love watching the re-runs on TV when I was a kid. Lilly Munster, played by screen siren Yvonne De Carlo, was my favorite character. Her makeup was pretty awesome and today I decided to accent my tee with a Munster inspired makeup look! 

I love bold eye shadow and this 5 colour palette by Maybelline is an absolute must have. The shades of purple are just darling and they range from light chrysanthemum to a deep amethyst, all with a luminous shimmer! They are very saturated hues that blend surprisingly well for such an inexpensive product. 

I used the “Amethyst Ablaze” colours along with my trusty creme liner to create a deep and dramatic look, much like mama Munster.  I finished off with a blood red lip and voila! The look is complete!

You can pick this palette up for yourself at any local drugstore. While it is usually priced at about 10 dollars, I got this one on sale at Rite Aid for 40 percent off. Maybelline is often on sale and there are usually coupons available as well!  

Close-up of my handy work, lol

Such a cool shirt! Love that they are all drinking A&W Root Beer!

So glamorous, even as the undead 😀

Until next time, Dolls!



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