Drugstore Delight of The Month: Elizabeth Taylor Eyes By Loreal

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most beautiful women of the 20th century. Most notably, for her amazingly rare eyes. They were said to be amethyst in color and Ms. Taylor always played up her most breathtaking feature with the help of a deep jet black eye liner.

I recently purchased L’Oreal’s “Voluminous Smoldering Eye Liner” as part of a bonus with my usual Voluminous Mascara. I managed to get both items for $7.99 at my local Rite Aid thanks to a 40% off sale. Normally, I prefer to use a liquid or creme liner as most pencils tend to be drier and less malleable. This pencil, however, is unlike any I have tried before. It is very richly pigmented thanks in part to the kajal formula.

Women have used this type of liner for centuries, most notably by Egyptian queens (Cleopatra, anyone?) and noble women of 3100 BC! The fact that this ingredient is still found in modern-day cosmetics is true testament to its use in beautification. 

The conal tip of this pencil allows for more control and makes it glide on effortlessly. This formula is particularly good for use on the inner lids as it creates a bold and dramatic line. 

I also used it to darken my brows ala Ms. Taylor. While my brows are full, one must pencil them deeper to get a true Liz Taylor look! Check out my mini makeover below!

The real deal! 

My Attempt!

Above: Au Natural, no makeup.

Below: I used L’Oreal’s Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner in Black to line both my upper and lower lash-lines, winging it out at the corners. I also used the liner to shade in my brows for added fullness. On my lids, I used a peachy coloured shadow and in the crease a shade of light brown. I finished the look with L’Oreal’s Voluminous Mascara in Very Black on my upper and lower lash-lines.  

And Voila! Instant Liz Taylor Eyes in under 10 minutes 😉

Hit your local drugstore and try this look out tonight!


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