L’Ensemble Du Jour: Mod Squad

Every now and then while thrifting or digging through a pile of clothes at a local fleamarket, you will find a truly unexpected gem. For me, it happened over memorial day weekend when it was super hot and humid and I was just about to leave. I happened to spy this beautiful sweater dress sticking out from underneath a bunch of random clothing. Immediately intrigued, I pulled her out from the abyss to have a closer look. I asked the price, 3 whole dollars, and upon viewing the label, I knew I had just made a super score. It was a Milly dress! Milly is one of my favorite brands because not only do her designs eloquently mimic lust-worthy vintage looks but the quality and cut of her garments are superb. 

I figured I would simply squirrel this away in the back of my closet until the fall but thanks to mother natures unprecedented cold front this past week, I was able to give her a test drive!

Daphne knitted silk-blend dress By Milly Original Retail $325!!!

This outfit made me think about Megan Draper on Mad Men mixed with Zooey Deschanel. Very 1960’s mod!

My wonderful Dad took these photos of me, but he kept making me laugh! 😀

Jackie! One of my style icons!

Sweater Dress: Milly $3.00 (Fleamarket Find)

Jackie O Tote Bag: Andy Warhol For Loop $14.00 (Thrifted)

White Enamel Basket weave Hoop Earrings: Vintage .50 cents (Fleamarket Find)

1960’s Oversize Mod Sunglasses: Vintage $4.00 (Fleamarket Find)

Sandals: Birkenstock

Until next time!


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