Local Haunts: A Little Wicked

Today, I visited a wonderful neighborhood vintage shop called “A Little Wicked”. I had heard many good things about this place and finally decided check it out to see what all the hub-bub was about. 
Tucked away on East Houston Street, this little gem was  created by Texas-born sisters Bianca and Robyn Moreno. Defined as “Every girls dream closet”, the shop is packed with great vintage pieces. Its a beautiful space filled with hand picked garments from the 50’s to the 90’s all neatly sorted and displayed by colour! 
I loved the “$20 rack of awesomeness”, it is a nice change of pace from other vintage shops where most clothing is priced sky high. 
I had the pleasure of meeting Sammy, A.L.W.’s manager, and she is a true delight! Not only is she a vintage shopping expert, (this gal KNOWS her stuff!), but she is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She is also the creator of  Sammydvintage.comone of my favorite blogs!  Sammy has a great eye for styling and I was happy to be her model for the afternoon at the shop! She selected this gorgeous 1950’s sweetheart dress with a whimsical print and sequined details for me to try on and I was instantly in love! The second piece she picked was this colourful 1960’s bathing suit. This made me feel like I was a bathing beauty, ready to slather myself in baby oil and sit out on the shore! (Of course, I would NEVER tan on purpose nowadays, lol). 
I had a great time exploring the shop and chatting it up with Sammy. I will definitely be back! If you haven’t come in yet, now is the time!

Outside the shop, love the chalkboard messages!Tons of great pieces to look throughAccessories galore!Who wears short-shorts…?Sammy wears short-shorts (and looks damn good while she’s doing it! LOL) Isn’t she gorgeous? Such a sweet thing!Loved the artwork on the walls. Everything about this place is meticulously put together!

This dress was the bees knees! The shoes were amazing too, just can’t walk in them! LOL

This print is to die for, and the details…they just don’t make dresses like they used to anymore!Ah, this bathing suit hit all the right notes with me. 

Color, print and shape! Fabulous!Me and my baby chicken legs! 😉

Sammy and I yuckin’ it up post photoshoot! Ain’t we cute? lol

Come to A Little Wicked today!

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