Coney Island Pinup!

While doing my Spring cleaning, I found some wonderful pictures of my beloved Grandmother Connee that I thought I had lost!

She hated taking photographs and always did her best to look away from the camera but in this handful of rare shots, she is all smiles in her cat eye sunglasses sitting on the beach at Coney Island! 

Coney Island was THE  summer destination back in the day. Everyone used to come out for a leisurely stroll along the boardwalk (or under it 😉 to take in the salty ocean breeze with their sweetheart. You could get a hotdog at Nathan’s, take a dip in the Atlantic, ride The Cyclone and enjoy all of the other fun games and rides inside Luna park. One of my favorite movies of all time 1927’s “IT”, starring the lovely Brooklyn native Clara Bow, has a great scene of her going on a first date at Coney Island! I included a clip below!

Today, you can still get a Nathan’s frank (though it will likely cost more than a nickel!) and ride the classic coaster from days gone by. The old wooden planks of the original boardwalk, however are unfortunately getting a modern makeover as much of the rest of the park has in the past decade. I used to go often as a child in the 80’s and as a teen in the 90’s. It always held a special place in my heart. While I wish I could have seen it in the way that my grandmother did in the 1930’s and 40’s, it continues to be a  truly magical place.

In honor of what would have been her 85th birthday today, I decided to post these pics and reminisce.

I love you, Grandma and I miss you every day! XOXO


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