Thrifting The Road!

 Last week, my mom and I drove upstate for a couple of days of R&R, with a healthy dollop of thrifting to boot! I used to hit the Salvation Army and Goodwill up in this neck of the woods all the time growing up and I would be able to find great vintage treasures! Unfortunately, the sport of thrifting has become so mainstream and competitive that many of yesterdays hotspots are now little more than picked clean carcasses! It’s become much harder to find good pieces, but every now and again, you get lucky. I managed to get a hold of a few goodies in my travels and I did it on the super cheap! Sometimes, you just gotta get out of the city and with deals this good, you gotta do it often! 

I love cats, and I love 1950’s planters, so when I spied this little guy on a shelf at Goodwill, I had to have it. A steal at $1.50! I also scored these adorable red rose iced tea glasses for just a buck a piece! 

Cruising the isles at the Salvation Army. This place was HUGE!

Cruising along, shotgun 😉

Ah, bags of goodies all while taking in that fresh country air! 

I got this vintage 1980’s leopard print blouse for just $1.99 at the Salvation Army!

I LOVE the pattern. Aren’t they adorable?

Got this cute little yellow checkered dress at Goodwill for $8.95

All I need now is a picnic basket, lol

Found this fruit print table-cloth from the 1960’s at the Salvation Army for $1.99, too! 

That’s all, folks! Stay tuned for more of my exciting thrifting adventures 🙂



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