Mad About “Mad Men”!



Last night was the highly anticipated return of AMC’s Emmy winning drama series “Mad Men” and I couldn’t have been happier. 
Seemed like March 25th couldn’t come fast enough as I have been waiting on pins and needles for Season 5 to finally air for the last 17 months!

 I have been hooked on this show since season one for many reasons (Don Draper, anyone?) but the main allure for me initially was the look. Men in perfectly pressed suits and fedoras, ladies in curve hugging pencil skirts and form-fitting dresses, all very much my cup of tea! There is so much amazing vintage fashion jam-packed into every episode it is often hard to pick a favorite look! In addition to the clothes, the hair and makeup is always impeccable. The stylists get every last detail period perfect in each frame from the perfectly painted up lips to the manicured finger tips and never a pin curl out-of-place! 

The show has become so popular that many retailers have jumped onto the “Mad Men” bandwagon.  Banana Republic was the first to introduce collections inspired by the shows timeless vintage style for the past few years and this season was no exception. Designed exclusively with Mad Men’s head costume designer Janie Bryant, classic cigarette pants, retro floral print cardigans and full-skirted party dresses were staples in their Spring line.  Estee Lauder also introduced a limited edition cosmetic collection inspired by the bombshells from MM, they even used their original packaging from the 1960’s!

While the vintage look is very “in” this season, I have been inspired by these styles for most of my life. I am glad to see that the public is embracing it, but secretly I am waiting for the day that the fashionista’s are on to the next thing so I can swoop up their “tired” cast offs at my local thrift store and treasure them for years to come 😉

To snag your own pieces from the Banana Republic Mad Men Collection click the link below!

To shop the Estee Lauder Mad Men Collection click the link below!!/mad-men/3



I am loving the colors they selected for this collection, they encapsulate the era perfectly!
 Oh, and I want the models dress, lol. 


An ad for the Banana Republic Mad Men Collection


While I adore Joan, (I named my beloved red bicycle after her), Betty Draper’s wardrobe is my bread and butter. What I wouldn’t give to rummage through her closet…sigh!



Here I am sitting in my kitchen in a Banana Republic Mad Men Collection Cardigan! I adore the print and the cut of this gorgeous sweater. 
Now if only I could get Jon Hamm to come over for dessert 😉



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