My Grandmother Libby: The Original Pin Up!


There’s a picture on the wall in my parents house that has been there for as long as I can remember. A beautiful young brunette with her hair done just so, adorned with a perfectly blossomed rose in the center, sprawled out on a grassy knoll with a “come hither” stare. That woman always had me fascinated as a child;  she was so poised and elegant yet she exuded sex appeal. Voluptuous and womanly with a face that could stop traffic, she was often mistaken for Dorothy L’Amour!That woman was my mother’s mother, my dear Grandma Libby and during the 1950’s,  she was a true bombshell.  Always dressed in figure flattering feminine pieces, lips painted ruby-red, she posed for pictures like she was born to do it.  And I truly believe that she was.

Below are some of my favorite photos of her, I hope her fashion and grace inspire you as much as they inspired me! xoxo




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