And The Oscar Goes To…

Well the Oscar’s are officially over, but the fashion buzz is just beginning! There were so many beautiful starlets all dressed to the nines in couture, it was hard to pick a favorite. That’s why I picked 5, lol.

The common thread between all of the stunning dresses  above was the Art Deco styling. The gorgeous lines, elegant beading and mermaid silhouettes are all reminiscent of classic 1930’s gowns.

While I usually favor bright vivid colours, these ethereal pearl toned frocks literally glowed on the red carpet. Simply gorgeous!

Okay, I just had to post on Jessica Chastain’s INCREDIBLE Alexander McQueen strapless gold and black dress.  This was my favorite look of the evening! She looked absolutely impeccable in this work of art and she certainly stood out in the crowd.

The best part about it? It reminded me of vintage Damascene jewelry! Made in Toledo, Spain, this ornamental style  was created by finely etching steel and inlaying it with gold and silver. Typically they used scenes of birds and flowers. Another timeless design element brought into the 21st century in high style. Que bonita!


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